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Advantanges of Using Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is defined as the process that involves the bending and cutting of metals to create a new structure. But custom metal fabrication refers to the process by which metals are cut in a certain way to meet client’s requirements. Some of the most commonly used metals in metal fabrication are copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Metal fabrication requires three steps to make new machines, fittings, and custom-made equipment. Each of these methods results in a unique product that has distinctive features from the others unlike buying a new machine in the market where most of them are have the same shape and features. The process involves cutting off the metals, creating different shapes from cutting the metals and joining these metals together.

Punches, shears, notches, and lasers are just but a few tools that are required in the metal fabrication process. Saws are used to make perpendicular lines in the custom metal fabrication process.Where elaborate cuts are required, shears are used but plasma and laser beams are utilized for making complex curves and circles. Automated programs are used in making precision cuts within the metals. More so, notches and punches are perfect for producing a wide range of sizes for holes in metals.

The Press Brake forming technique comes in handy in creating the different metal shapes after the metal has been cut.
On the other hand, the rolling technique is used by metal fabrication companies to create the preferred shape. To produce metals that have different thickness and size, the metal fabrication companies must use these two methods.The formation of shapes with the Press Brake technique requires high pressure of about 350 tons.

The minute the forming process is complete, the step that follows is to gather and join the metal pieces. In this case, metal welding is the right procedure to be used because it takes advantage of intense heat to join the pieces without necessarily destroying their shapes.

The beauty of having custom metal fabrication machines as opposed to just buying a new machine is that the equipment made from custom metal fabrication is tailored to address all of your needs.

Due to the processes used in making custom-made metals, the end products are usually more durable unlike those that you buy from the market. When you purchase new items from the market, you are not sure if they are made using robust materials such as stainless steel.Mostly, you will find that these products are made from the standard metals.

Finally, keep in mind that custom metal fabrication can create any item you need.But for this to happen, you must notify your manufacturer in advance so that they can know the type of product you want.

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