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What You Should Know About the Andy Warhol Museum

When people do great things, we may choose to remember them just by our minds or do something to keep their memory alive. Pictures or other things in the life of the deceased are used by the living to keep their memory. When the items are selected, they are then kept well as they represent memories of the departed ones. Museums are one such a place where we keep things that remind us of people or things in the past.

The Andy Warhol Museum is one of the most famous art museums in the world. Though there is much information about the Andy Warhol Museum, they’re other things you might not know about it. In this discussion we will look at some of the things you might not have heard about the Andy Warhol Museum.

How much do you know about the size of the Andy Warhol Museum? It has become established that it is the biggest art museum in the North America that has artifacts about a single person. Andy Warhol museum has been named after the popular pop icon, Andy Warhol. The museum is, therefore, dedicated to only the works of Andy Warhol, the pop artist and producer. Paintings, paperwork, printed work, sculptures as well as videotapes and films in the museum, are all from the art life of Andy Warhol.

Another important piece of information to know is about the building that houses it. The building in which the Andy Warhol museum is found is in Pennsylvania and has seven storeys. However, that could be common knowledge to you. The thing you might not know about the building housing the Andy Warhol museum is that initially it was a warehouse. Turning the warehouse into a museum required renovations to be done. Renovation expert’s reports show that the total renovation cost was estimated at twelve million dollars.

The resignation of the Andy Warhol museums first director a few months after its opening is another thing you might not know. The Andy Warhol museum founding director lasted as the museum’s director for only six months before resigning. Bad blood between the director and other stakeholders is the reason given by the director for his resignation.

Something else that might not be known by everyone about this museum is the fact that it has been to more than fifty locations for external exhibitions within twenty years. The total official number of the outside exhibitions held within the twenty years of the Andy Warhol Museum existence totals to more than one hundred and fifty-three. Such a number is not a mean achievement for any museum to reach. These exhibitions have borne fruits as they have seen more than nine million visitors.

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