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When viewed in terms of business, android still has a very good prospect. Obviously this is very appropriate if we want to start now to learn to make android applications. To be able to master how to make android application is very easy because now has many sources of reference writing that teaches us about how to make android applications that are easy to find on the internet, or also we can ask here both through the special forums android developers or through social networking.

Currently android gadgets are sold at affordable prices in the market with various types and brands that are tailored to the needs of users.

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Before starting to figure out how to create android apps, the first thing to know is to understand the terms of existing programs on android, these terms can be found easily in Google, so please try to find and learn those terms. After that the most important thing is about what tools-tools that can be used to create android applications, these tools are also already many types so that set it some tools android application maker what best suits the abilities and desires you want.

Here is what you should have to start creating android apps.

  1. Tools / Developer Applications
  2. Eclipse

In order for Android application development to run well then you need Eclipse application. This application is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which serves to create or just develop Android-based applications. Eclipse is chosen by many developers because it is considered easier and of course free with Open source grant. Not Eclipse is also rich in plug-in which is very helpful and easier in developing an application.

  1. Netbeans

Similar to Eclipse, Netbeans is also an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) application that is widely used by Android Application developers. Netbeans is more suitable for those of you who want to develop a java based Android app. This application also you can use with free alias free license with open source.

  1. Supporting Equipment

After determine which tool will be used to develop or create your android based application then there are still some support tools to run the tool and soon can make Android-based applications visit this link: