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Maintain Your Organization’s Huge Data With Big Technology

In today’s world, most of the organizations and companies merely depend on the usage of data. Data becomes an important source for most of the businesses today. To run the business successfully, organizations have to maintain its data efficiently. But, most of the organizations find it difficult to organize and maintain a huge volume of data. For this purpose, they use different powerful techniques and data management platforms. One of the famous data management platforms is Hadoop. It is the most efficient data management platform which is used by companies for managing, big data. To work with Hadoop one should know its concepts. Training like big data and Hadoop online training provide entire knowledge on Hadoop.

With Hadoop one can manage data efficiently and perform sorting, handling and retrieving operations easily. Similarly, these operations can be performed on a large amount of data in a number of applications. With Hadoop, even organizations can run analytics that is unable to handle by a database engine. Popular organizations around the world make use of Hadoop for their big data management. As most of the companies use this powerful technology, the demand for Hadoop developers is also increasing

Big data and Hadoop classroom training help professionals to analyze, manipulate and perform operations on big data. Also, it provides knowledge on technical aspects of Apache Hadoop and enables the participants to develop applications and analyze big data. Through this, participants will be able to understand the key concepts that are required to create robust applications for big data processing.

Learning Hadoop includes concepts such as

  • Dimensions of Big Data
  • Big Data in Advertising
  • Big Data in Banking
  • Big Data in Telecom
  • Big Data in eCommerce
  • Big Data in Healthcare
  • Big Data in Defense
  • Processing options of Big Data
  • Hadoop as an option
  • Sqoop
  • Oozie
  • Pig
  • Hive
  • Flume
  • HDFS
  • MapReduce

What are the benefits of learning Hadoop?

By learning Hadoop, participants will be able to

  • Understand Big Data and the different types of data that is stored in Hadoop
  • Understand the basics of MapReduce, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), YARN
  • Learn how to write MapReduce code
  • Learn best practices and considerations for Hadoop development, debugging techniques and implementation of workflows and common algorithms
  • Learn how to leverage Hadoop frameworks like, ApacheHive, ApachePig, and projects from the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Understand optimal hardware configurations and network considerations for building out, maintaining and monitoring your Hadoop cluster
  • Learn advanced Hadoop API topics required for real-world data analysis

Who can learn Hadoop?

Hadoop and big data is perfect for

  • Architects and developers those who design, develop and maintain Hadoop-based solutions
  • Data Analysts
  • BI Analysts
  • BI Developers
  • SAS Developers and related profiles those who analyze Big Data in Hadoop environment
  • Consultants those who are involved in Hadoop projects
  • Engineers those who working on Java platform
  • Professionals who need to know and develop applications for Hadoop based on Java MapReduce